"Peter works harder at what he does than anyone I know... it means so much to have someone who really knows and cares. Thank you, Peter, for all the help."

– Eliza Dushku



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A note from Peter Kelley:

"Theater is the actor's medium. Film? That's the director's medium."

Well, why?

Here's a thought: Because actors are not fully involved in the creation of their performance. In addition, very few are able to work often enough to develop an understanding of how their process in this medium relates to the final product; how to connect what's being done on the set with what's eventually seen onscreen.

Consider this the next time you're working on-camera: except for the director and crew, no one will ever see you act.

No one. Ever

What people will see is a picture of you acting. For better or worse, your work will be judged on the quality of that assembled record of your performance and not the performance itself. Creating a powerful performance on film depends in a large degree on your understanding that slender yet critical distinction.

My training provides that opportunity. It is designed to offer experienced actors the full experience of taking a scene from rehearsal through shooting in the compressed time frame often encountered in film. Actors will learn how best to deliver an honest, subtle, "cuttable" performance on film, while having the opportunity to work on some of the strongest writing for the screen available.

I hope to see you at a workshop or class!

– Peter Kelley

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